International Conference
on e-Health and
Biomedical Instrumentation


The HBICOM is the international event created to promote the dissemination of knowledge and innovation in e-Heath (digital health) and Biomedical Engineering research and projects.

Will be includes Conferences, Call For Papers, Workshops. Keynote Speakers are from Brasil, Ecuador, Colombia and Perú.

Call for Papers

Important Deadlines


Paper Submission Deadline:

October 30, 2021


Notification of Acceptance:

November 12, 2021


Final Paper Submission Deadline:

November 19, 2021


The HBICOM Conference intends to present and discuss current issues in the health sector, such as:

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"Tropical disease research development: advances and flaws"

Desarrollo de la investigación sobre enfermedades tropicales: avances y fallas

Hiro Goto

"mHealth strategy for ambulatory monitoring in pain crises"

Estrategia de mHealth para el monitoreo ambulatorio en crisis de dolor

  Jose L. Ayala

"Applications and Challenges of IOT in eHealth"

Aplicaciones y Retos de IoT en eHealth

 Mónica Karel Huerta

"The Role of Photobiomodulation to prevent and treat COVID-19-induced lung Damage"

El papel de la fotobiomodulación para prevenir y tratar el daño pulmonar inducido por COVID-19

 Rodrigo A. Lopes Martins

"Leveraging Smart Health with Internet of Things"

Aprovechamiento de la salud inteligente con Internet de las cosas

 Joel J.P.C. Rodrigues

"Trends and experiencies in Designing Biomedical Devices in Latinamerica"

Tendencias y experiencias en el diseño de dispositivos biomédicos en Latinoamérica

 Robinson Torres Villa

"Smart Systems for E-Health: Challenges for an Inclusive Innovation"

Sistemas inteligentes para la Salud Electrónica: Desafíos para una Innovación Inclusiva

 Jorge Rodolfo Beingolea

"Application of Electrical Bioimpedance Spectroscopy in the Early Detection of Uterine Cervical Cancer"

Aplicación de la Espectroscopía de Bioimpedancia Eléctrica en la Detección Anticipada de Cáncer de Cuello Uterino

José Alejandro Amaya Palacio

"Public Health and Reproduction in Times of Pandemic - Advances and Challenges"

Salud Pública y Reproducción Asistida en Tiempos de Pandemia: Avances y Desafíos

 Simone A. Siqueira da Fonseca

"New Ultrasound Telediagnostic Systems for Low-Resource Areas"

Nuevos sistemas de telediagnóstico por ultrasonido para áreas de bajos recursos

 Benjamín Castañeda

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